Petty Dope

Forever Petty. Always Dope.


Current sleep support supplement I’m taking.  The best thing I can say about it, is, it works. I can sleep 4 hours and it feels like 8.  I don’t remember my dreams though. What if I dream winning lottery numbers?  It can be Cash 3, I’m not greedy.  The downside? It has the flavor, of what I assume to be an aardvark’s ass.

Final review – Doable. Only because CT Fletcher said you ain’t eating the shit for the taste, you eating the shit for the results.


My current pre and post workout supplements. I like these the best of all the ones I’ve ever taken. Very good flavor from both. The CellTech Hyper-Build smells like cake batter. I’ve been tempted to bake it into some cupcakes. I’m certain that would be a fail tho.  This particular pre-workout does contain Beta-Alanine which can make you itchy for a few minutes as your body adjusts to it. This reaction goes away over time.

Final review – Fuck wittable.


Straight barbell curl.  Hard work, but you want the guns right? (I also agree with Allen Iverson, this shit heavy.)


Seated dips.  Trying to craft these shoulders and triceps.


Cable curls. I like to alternate between the inside and outside grips between sets.


Barbell curl


Front squat with shoulder press


Diverging  Lat Pulldown


Leg curls




Dumbbell Row


Dumbbell Curls


Triceps Extension


Plate Squats





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