(So why hasn’t anyone fallen off this bitch yet? Nigga is that The UPSIDE DOWN????!!!)


Flat Earth Niggas
Man listen, these Niggas done brought me out of blog retirement. I mean, I wasn’t really bloggin’ nshit in the first place, but still, they brought me out. Damn you Facebook. And Kyrie Irving. And Shaq. And B.o.B. Now every muthafucka that failed high school Algebra is all of a sudden an expert at Astronomy and Astrophysics. These Niggas never have any actual facts or evidence to base their claims on. They always rebut with “You can’t believe everything “The Man” tells you!” Uh, bruh, you are regurgitating some bullshit that some man wrote down or put in a YouTube video. Out here directing me to watch a video of of some Hotep faceass Nigga named General Akbu Akbar El Bey. Nigga that ain’t research, while you are out here hollerin’ “do your own research!” I have. Its called middle school.

But, I did this to myself. This is what you get when you engage in Facebook comment section debates. Whyyyyyyyyy PD?! Why did you do this to yourself?!! Now I’m stuck explaining centripetal force, gravity, and circumnavigation to a Nigga stuck in the Sunken Place. To Be Continued………..


(Dis tew much)